How to Uninstall kaspersky PC TuneUp 2014 in few easy steps

kaspersky PC Tune Up is a system optimizing tool that not only safeguards your computer from any type of harmful virus threats but also ensure optimal performance of your computer. There are several features in this application that provide variety of options for making your computer faster and perform better. However there are certain situations when kaspersky PC Tune Up doesn’t work properly and cause problems to the user. Read the following blog to learn how to uninstall kaspersky PC Tune Up 2014 in your Windows 7 system few easy steps. Additionally, if you are looking for detailed guidance on this topic, you can consult our kaspersky Antivirus Support Phone Number experts.


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One of the best business class ultrabooks with attractive touch screen display

HP Elitebook Folio is one of the best ultrabooks that feels like a Macbook but has Windows inside.

PR 05 August 2016: HP has launched the new business class ultrabook, HP Elitebook Folio G1. In terms of looks, it resembles very much like Macbook, just slightly taller and wider. Weighing just one kilogram, this ultrabook is quite light to carry around. Even though this laptop is quite thin and light, the company has marketed it as a rugged device which can withstand sudden drops, dust particles, vibration, high altitudes and shocks. It is available with 4K display which gives great viewing angles.

HP Elitebook Folio carries Intel Core m5 and m7 vPro processors. Under the hood, you will get 8 GB RAM and 256GB SSD which can handle intense multi-tasking. Even though it is not the best choice for gamers but it serves well to business class people. It can easily handle any heavy task you throw at it. Since it has m-series processors and can be used without a fan, this device doesn’t heat up much.

HP Elitebook Folio has enough juice to give 7 hours of computing on normal usage. This ultrabook has Bang & Olufsen speakers that are situated at the bottom. The speakers are loud enough for moderately silent room but not good for outdoors. However the overall audio quality is crisp. This laptop is supported by Client Security software of HP which allows users to enjoy various security features provided by HP.

HP Elitebook Folio is supported by Pandaje Tech and anyone seeking tech support for this laptop can call on our online tech support phone number which is available 24-hour with the facility of toll-free calling to resolve technical issues swiftly. We have a focused team to provide all kinds of tech support help to every user with satisfied solution at very affordable rates.

About the Company: Pandaje Tech is a high class tech support service provider giving support services for various brands of computers and laptops. The well-trained technicians of the company are committed to fix every type of technical issue at very affordable rates. This company resolves issues for internet problems, OS and software related issues, and other issues of Windows, Mac and android devices.   

How to Connect a Belkin Router with Setup Disk

Belkin router is one of the very popular routers available in the market. It allows users to share high speed internet on their computers and devices. Having a router connection helps users to enjoy fast internet for web browsing, playing games and doing several other activities over internet. Setting up router connection is an easy task but requires little technical knowledge or guidance. Read further to learn how to connect a Belkin router with the help of Setup Disk. Additionally, you can consult our Belkin Router Tech Support experts to get detailed guidance on this topic.

Disconnect router from the power source

Make sure that your internet modem and Belkin router are disconnected from their power source.

Connect the modem to the router

Join the modem to your Belkin Router using an Ethernet cable. Keep in mind that the Ethernet cable should be plugged into an open Ethernet port of your modem and into the port on your Belkin router displaying “WAN/Internet”.

Reconnect Modem and Router to power supply

Join your internet modem and Belkin router back to power source.

Insert the Belkin Router Setup Disk

Now put the Belkin Setup Disk that came with your Belkin router in the optical disc drive of your computer system. The setup disk is called, “Belkin Easy Install Wizard Software”. Soon after inserting the software disk, you will see the setup wizard.

Run the Easy Install Wizard

Click on “Run the Easy Install Wizard” and then follow the prompt instructions to set up your internet connection. The setup disk will help you to create password and username for your network which will be shared by your devices.

Click Finish to exit the Setup

Finally click on Finish to exit and close the setup wizard of Belkin Router.

In this way, you will be able to connect Belkin Router with the help of Belkin disk. For any query or issue regarding Belkin router, contact our Belkin Router Technical Support Phone Number.

How to Turn off the Microsoft Narrator Start Up of Window

Microsoft narrator is also referred as the built in screen reader of Windows and this is especially useful for the visually impaired. There are some users for whom the frequent narration is quite annoying and it is not helpful to make it simple. One will have to find out the way to disable or look for an expert Microsoft Windows Technical Support assistance to turn off the Windows narrator.

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Installation of the Microsoft office

Microsoft office is popular and one cannot deny this fact. It is popular all around the world. In case you have the product key, there is no need of the disc in order to start the installation of the Microsoft office support. Installing office has become simple since many years. If one wants to install office 2013 or office 365, there is need of the downloading of files.

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Support for the Android Phone Is Bound to Make an Impact in Your Business

Presently developed by Google, Android is in a great demand and it is highly used operating system for tablets and mobiles. It is designed for the smartphone that are based on the touch screen technology. The fact is that the smart phones are used by millions of people globally. Millions of applications that are downloaded are used for the business and home. There are major players in market that come with the android OS.

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SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Reimaging the computer-how to do it?

By re imaging the computer, we mean the process of reformatting the hard drive and afterwards repairing the damaged partitions. This will mean erasing of the data from the hard drive and after this the operating system of the PC comes back to the state of originality. There can be differences or variations when it comes to the reasons of re imaging the computer. After months, you will see the computer is not working well and can be because of the virus attack that has damaged or destroyed the operating system technical support.

Backing up all the crucial data and files on external disc or hard drive before re-imaging the computer:
There are times when one cannot back up data because of the corruption of the hard drive by virus and it is too late for the backup. There is need to back up the files in case it is possible.


Inserting Windows Installation CD:

This is also called restore disc into hard drive of the PC. There is installation CD in many laptops and computers at the time of purchase.
Restarting the computer and waiting for the boot up

Someone will prompt you to boot installation CD. Press key [any one] on keyboard in order to commence the Windows installation CD.
After the completion of uploading, press ENTER. It depends on the type of PC you possess and the Window version you use.
For accepting Windows License agreement, press F8.

To select the highlighted partition, press ENTER. In many of the cases, the partition is also called C drive.

IF one cannot do the things by himself, then there is need for the computer support. One can take the computer support from the 3rd party company dealing with technical support services. Dialing toll free number is essential.

How to Close Apps on the Samsung Galaxy

If the excessive applications are open and if they run at the back of Samsung device, it is going to hamper the performance. Besides this, high memory will be consumed and this will drain off the battery. If one closes apps that one cannot use, it will lead to something called quick processing, extra memory and long battery life. Simple steps are given by Samsung tech support expert to close apps on the Samsung.


Close the recent accessed apps

Going to home screen of Samsung galaxy device

Press/hold down home key on device.

This will display the applications that have been accessed recently.

Review application list determining apps you want closed.

Tap and drag each app you want closed to left or right.

By this, the apps that are dragged off screen shall be closed automatically.

  • In case, all apps are to be closed, go for REMOVE ALL icon that is located at screen bottom right corner.

Closing the background apps

Returning to home screen of Samsung galaxy

First press and then hold down HOME button on device.


By this, the apps list will be displayed that are presently open on Samsung galaxy. On the TASK MANAGER icon, make a tap and this is located on the corner bottom left on screen.

The screen refreshes for displaying all Apps that are presently operating in the background and eating up the memory of Samsung galaxy.

Tapping on the END button located on the right side of each App you want to get closed. In case, you are not using the email App on device, tap on END that is next to the MAIL.

  • In case, you want all the background apps to be closed, click on END ALL that is located near the screen top.

When prompted for confirmation that you want closure of background apps, tap on OK.

Take Samsung mobile technical support if needed from 3rd party tech support company.

How to fix the Volume problems of Window 7and Window XP based PC?

On the windows computer, one can find the volume issues that are common. By the use of windows 7 and windows XP, one can fix the problem in an easy manner and this can be done by the setting adjustment or by the re installation of the sound card. One should have some patience and by the help of troubleshooting, one can fox the issue of volume by himself.


In the windows computers, one can find the built in troubleshooters and these are helpful as far as the fixing of the volume issues are concerned. On the lower left hand side of the screen, one can find the start bar and by moving to the control panel button and after that selecting HARDWARE AND SOUND/ trouble shoot audio playback. The computer will further ask many questions helping the troubleshooter find reason for the issue of volume. Generally, the problem is solved with the help of the in-built troubleshooter.


Another solution is by the checking of the sound card. One can install the sound card in the computer windows support  so that the computer plays the sound. If the volume does not work, make sure there is a sound card associated with the device. One has to be sure of the proper installation of the device as well.
On the low right hand, access the search bar. After this, type the device manager. By pulling up the device manager, one can check the sound card. After this, click, SOUND VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLERS. If the sound card is listed, one can install it. The reason for the volume issue is something else. If the sound card is not installed, one will have to purchase and install after getting the one from the market. For the advice, one can go to the instruction of manufacturer.